Coastal decor is often described by it’s lighter hues of driftwood brown paired with rich ocean blues and greens. Picking the perfect rug to go with your coastal decor will help further compliment it and bring it to life. In this blog, we’ll look at five rugs that will compliment almost all beach-themed residencies. 

Tan Pineapple Rug


This rug is a little more playful and informal, but it is a great pick to add a little life and quirkiness to your coastal decor home. The tan works especially well here – as it helps tone down the otherwise funky design. A link to purchase the rug can be found here.

Nautical Anchor Rug

This perfect nautical rug will compliment well with a room full of lighter, wood-style furniture. You can purchase one from this page.

Kids’ Surfboard Rug


Another fun rug, this rug would go great in any kids’ room. The fun, vibrant colors give off a more bohemian feel and are easy to match. The rug’s material also makes it simple and easy to clean. This rug can be purchased from this page.

Shell Rug


It doesn’t get much more nautical and coastal the this. This beautiful rug brings in rich, natural color complimented by a variety of shells and shapes. It can be bought from Wayfair here.

Circular, Hand-Woven Rug


This circular rug belongs in under a kitchen table configuration. The hand-woven material also makes it more resistant to spills and food debris. It can be bought here.

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