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Spring Cleaning: Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here!  And spring means flowers, outdoor activities, excursions in downtown Wilmington and, of course, trips to the beach.  It also means spring cleaning.  Love it or hate it, spring cleaning gives your house a much-needed sprucing up, and can go a long way in making you feel happy to be home.  When you’re making your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to have your carpets professionally cleaned too!

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Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Your pets are an important part of your family, but if you have carpet in your home, you know the struggle of keeping those carpets clean.  They track in dirt from outside.  Dander gets embedded in the fibers.  Young pets can make messes, leaving stains (as well as odors).  You want to keep your carpets fresh and clean, however, many carpet cleaning products can be harmful to their health.  Fortunately, there are a few methods of pet friendly carpet cleaning that keep your carpet looking beautiful, and protect the health of your beloved pets. Continue reading

Your Wilmington Rug Cleaners

We provide the best upholstery cleaning Wilmington has to offer

Many people forget that their rugs needs cleaning just as much as your floor, windows or many other surfaces at home.  Upholstery cleaning should never be forgotten, especially if you have pets, children or both.  Daily use of sofas, chairs and many fine quilts and bed spreads, can collect allergens and bacteria with daily use.  These allergens and bacteria can cause children and animals to get sick.  Also, the older one gets, the weaker their immune system becomes.  Most people think that as long as my upholstery “looks” clean, then it must be.  This is not the case.  Most of these harmful allergens and bacteria lie in wait, invisible to the naked eye.  It only takes one microscopic piece to cause an infection in a young child, cause health problems with your pet, or something more serious for seniors.  This is where your Wilmington rug cleaners come into the picture.

rug cleaning

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How to protect your new furniture and rugs

Just bought a brand new couch and already worried about getting it dirty or worn looking? Oriental Rug Cleaning has you covered with your tips to best maintain and protect your new furniture and rugs. It’s our goal to make sure you get the long life out of your rugs that you deserve, that’s why only we offer truly comprehensive rug and furniture cleaning services to Wilmington and surrounding areas. Continue reading

5 rugs to match your coastal decor

Coastal decor is often described by it’s lighter hues of driftwood brown paired with rich ocean blues and greens. Picking the perfect rug to go with your coastal decor will help further compliment it and bring it to life. In this blog, we’ll look at five rugs that will compliment almost all beach-themed residencies.  Continue reading

Clean your rugs before the holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to clean your rugs before the holidays. This is an especially dangerous time for rugs and carpets; as we get more festive, accidents are more likely like spilt drinks. In this blog post, we’d like to get our customers up to date on all of our latest service offerings.


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