A rug’s pile refers to the height of its fibers. For instance, think of a flat rug (short pile) or a long, shaggy rug (long pile). Each has its perks when applied to home design.

rug pile

Be careful choosing thick rugs

Thick rugs are fantastic, and definitely offer a more premium feel on your feet; however, thicker isn’t always better. Some fine rugs are thing. Thicker rugs belong in more high-traffic areas because of how comfortable they are.

Stronger short rugs

Short pile rugs typically last longer than long pile rugs. This is because they are more easily vacummed and maintained versus their longer counterparts.

Consider function over form

Long pile rugs are usually used in rooms where a more luxurious feel is wanted. Although, objectively, long pile rugs are more aesthetically appealing in most cases, their beauty can be compromised by furniture that easily leaves marks. These same rugs also wear quickly over time because of foot traffic.

In closing

Long piles are bought for their aesthetics, short piles are bought because of their durability.

In some circumstances, shorter piles can be more aesthetically appealing, especially in bonus rooms or kids rooms where you should avoid the gaudy.

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