With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to clean your rugs before the holidays. This is an especially dangerous time for rugs and carpets; as we get more festive, accidents are more likely like spilt drinks. In this blog post, we’d like to get our customers up to date on all of our latest service offerings.

Soil Protection and More

We offer rug repairs, and rug protection services against soils and stains, and damage that can result from moths. If you plan on storing your rugs then you should ask us about our rug wrapping that will protect your rugs against fading, insects, and humidity. Need rug pads? No problem, we offer the highest quality padding available that is custom cut to fit your rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs are made of many different delicate fibers and dyes. We are trained to recognize these fibers and dyes and have the experience and equipment to care for them properly reviving your rugs natural colors and beauty.

We believe in quality over quantity and you get what you pay for. We take our time and guarantee our work and your satisfaction. If our prices seem high or our completion time long, it is because of our dedication to quality. We find that many local residents from Landfall, Mayfaire, Porters Neck Plantation and more appreciate this attention to quality – as no other local rug cleaner can compare.

Protect Your New Rugs

The first line of defense in keeping your new rugs clean and valuable for a long time is to clean them often. Having your rugs serviced by a professional not only maintains their pristine look, but also improves their longevity.