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Oriental Rug & Carpet Specialists provides residents in Wilmington, New Hanover County, Brunsiwck County, Leland, Landfall, Figure 8 Island and Hampstead, with the highest quality of fabric treatments. Read this blog detailing our services applicable to all pet owners out there.


Pet Dander and Odor

What’s the point of having fine Oriental or Persian rugs if you don’t have loving dogs to dirty them up? Any pet owner knows how quickly pet odor and dander can pile up, and despite the unconditional love, the residual impacts of shedding and staining expensive rugs and carpets can be frustrating. When these frustrations reach their limits, Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Specialists are the number one solution for Wilmington, NC residents.

aboutIt’s advisable to keep your pets off of the couch, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. When your couches have turned to makeshift beds for your adorable friends, odor and dander will begin to build in these fabrics. We specialize in treating this through our upholstery cleaning services, stretching the life span of this often expensive furniture. We have a 100 percent success rate with removing odors from upholstery, carpets & rugs. Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Specialists is truly a Wall-to-Wall cleaning company. We do wet cleaning, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) as well has other dry cleaning tactics when necessary.

Having a freshly cleaned rug or carpet can liven a room and brighten everyone’s mood. For Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Specialists, no fabric is too delicate or too harsh for our experts to treat. We specialize in cleaning Oriental, Chinese, Persian, Kilim, Dhurie, Hook and countless other natural fiber rugs and fine fabrics. We can’t guarantee 100 percent stain removal, but we’ve highly successful in removal and are also on the forefront of repair methods to give our clients the best available treatment options on the market.


The more often you dust and vacuum- the less often you’ll have to get your carpets cleaned. Having well trained pets and isolated/off-limit areas for your pet can also reduce the amount of carpet cleaning visits. It’s not just our furry friends though, try and limit wear-and-tear by having guests take their shoes off when they visit your home. Nevertheless, when it comes time to have your rug, carpet or upholstery’s cleaned- Oriental Rug and Carpet’s are the experts you can depend on.

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