DIY vs Professional Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning isn’t a fun chore; however, it is necessary in order to keep your carpet looking and performing well for years to come. It is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned approximately every 12 months depending on how much foot traffic is in your home on a daily basis. What are the differences between DIY and professional carpet cleaning?

DIY Carpet Cleaning

You can chose DIY carpet cleaning; however, there are risks involved:

  1. DIY machines don’t heat to the same temperature as professional machines.
  2. These machines aren’t as powerful as professional cleaning services.
  3. The amount of cleaner to add to the machine and techniques when actually cleaning the carpet are compromised when using DIY machines.

Leave the Carpet Cleaning to the Professionals!

At Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning we offer expert carpet cleaning services! By hiring one of our certified professionals, you are ensuring the removal of the dust and allergens that vacuuming and DIY carpet cleaning just can’t remove.

Our carpet cleaning method is unique and will get the job done much better than a DIY carpet cleaner. We use a cleaning agent that works by a method called “peptization” which promotes the release of soil from the fabric by causing the soil and the fiber to develop a mutually repellent (negative) charge.

Our cleaning process that we use overcomes the normal attraction that dirt has to carpet and allows us to remove more dirt than a DIY cleaner and will also leave fewer residues.

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