The cleanliness of a rug or carpet directly impacts the air surrounding it. Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning understands this relationship. We can help remedy health and allergy ailments by providing the most comprehensive carpet cleaning services in Wilmington and surrounding areas. Vacuuming alone is not enough to rid your home of pesky allergens and stains, read below why professionally cleaning your home once a year is paramount to a healthy home.


The American Lung Associations suggests cleaning your carpets and rugs often to eliminate air pollutants that may affect asthma and allergy sufferers. Carpets and rugs easily trap particles of pet dander, dirt and dust, insect allergens and more. These particles can be naked to the human eye; however, they are detrimental to one’s health if inhaled. Maintaining clean carpets and rugs can not only improve the aesthetic of your house, but the health of those who inhabit it. A noticeable improvement in air quality can also be seen (or rather, smelled)  by removing these pollutants.

Dust mites infestations are common culprits to mild breathing problems inside of homes with carpets and rugs. Dust mites alone are not allergens; however, their feces and byproducts are. These pests are difficult to spot due to their microscopic size. Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning destroys these bugs with our high-temperature cleaning techniques that mites cannot withstand.  
High humidity areas such as Wilmington often see mold growth in their homes, especially homes with children and pets. Some varieties of mold are even considered deadly if left too long. By letting us clean your home, you can help eliminate mold from forming underneath carpet. This is made possible by our powerful arsenal of drying tools that remove moisture completely. Stopping a mold infestation before it takes over can save your family thousands in mold repair costs.

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