Rug maintenance is more involved than vacuuming a couple times a week and dabbing up the occasional spill. Having your rugs professionally cleaned is paramount to the longevity of your rugs. But how often should you have your rugs cleaned? Well, the answer really comes down to your household environment.

Rug Cleaning

Cats and Dogs

If your home has any furry friends, you may want to consider cleaning your rugs a little more frequently. In addition to urine stains, cats and dogs are notorious for tracking in dirt and other unwanted particles in from outside. These particles, if left unremoved, can eventually lead to wear and tear on the carpet has foot traffic begins to wear the carpet against the rough dirt particles. Large rugs that cover entire areas should be professionally cleaned at least once a year if you have pets. If you do catch your pet in the act of urinating on a rug, clean the stain immediately by moving from outside the stain to its middle. Professional cleaning should be done in addition to bi-weekly vacuuming.


Children and rug care more or less follow the same rules as those who own pets. Children track dirt and spill on rugs on what can seem like a daily basis. We recommend steam cleaning high-traffic areas as often as needed while maintaining an annual professional cleaning schedule. Keeping a personal steam cleaner on-hand is important in keeping rugs looking new between visits from professionals.

Of course, choosing a professional rug cleaner is half the battle. Here at Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning we employ the best of the best to ensure your rug stays as soft and vibrant as it was day one. For more information about our rug cleaning services, check out our page.