Just bought a brand new couch and already worried about getting it dirty or worn looking? Oriental Rug Cleaning has you covered with your tips to best maintain and protect your new furniture and rugs. It’s our goal to make sure you get the long life out of your rugs that you deserve, that’s why only we offer truly comprehensive rug and furniture cleaning services to Wilmington and surrounding areas.

Fluff, and fluff often!

It is absolutely sinful to allow your couch and chair cushions deflate into a sad mess. Take time to fluff your cushions and pillows regularly in order to keep their plump look. Prod, poke or straight up punish – do whatever it takes to keep them properly structured.

Flip your cushions

Every two weeks, flip your upholstery cushions. This concept is similar to fluffing in that you want to do everything in your power to maintain an even surface appearance.

Wrap or cover your furniture

If you’re absolutely dead-set on doing everything in your power to maintain a truly spotless look – you can cover your new furniture through a variety of methods. They make full covers for furniture, or alternatively, you can lay down a throw to protect against stains or pet hair.

Strict no open container policy

This one might be difficult to enforce depending on who’s in your household – but we suggest avoiding bringing any open containers around your new rug or upholstery – especially liquids and foods that easily stain.

Invest in a cleaning company you can trust

Over time, soil and stains can diminish the appearance of your furniture and can also produce odors that are hard to remove. This is why it’s important to have your home’s furniture cleaned annually by a professional. With our expertise, we remove the dirt you can and can’t see from your upholstery, extending the life and appearance of your furniture.

We are IICRC certified and an in-plant cleaning facility experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of your rugs. With our expertise we remove the dirt you can’t see extending the life and appearance of your rugs, and by understanding how we clean the rugs you can see why our rug cleaning process is more effective than simply steam cleaning them.

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