Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning, we see and clean a lot of rugs – so we may know a thing or two about which rug shapes work for the spaces inside your home. On the topic of round vs square rugs, there is a surprisingly amount of depth that goes into choosing the right shape for your home.


What space are you working with?

When choosing a rug shape, take note of what is being placed on top of or around the rug. Long couches are best coupled with square or rectangular rugs where rug space is more evenly distributed around the couch. Circular tables will look more uniform above a round rug. Symmetry is an easy rule to follow; however, creatively using contrast in these situations can help highlight a key feature in a room.

It can be difficult to cover large surface area with a round or circular rug, so keep that in mind. Square rugs are allowed a little more flexibility in how they are incorporated into an area’s style due to their traditional shape. Also consider the furniture or objects being placed on top of the rug. Large, bubbly or round furniture pieces may look overwhelming on top of a square or rectangle rug.

How are you defining the style of your room?

Round shapes are more whimsical and romantic whereas square and straight-edged shapes are more modern and contemporary. Choose a rug that is consistent to the theme set in the room and do not be afraid to get creative. A rug can easily become the centerpiece of a room, so creating that consistency will help complicate the room’s other great features.

Whether you have a large, square rug that needs cleaning or a fun, bubbly round one – Oriental Rug Cleaning does not discriminate against your choice in rug. Contact us to help maintain your rugs for the long run.