Upholstery can be difficult to maintain and clean; and although hundreds of products promise a “deep cleaning solution”, the fact of the matter is only professional cleaning services like ours can guarantee real, clean results. Oriental Rug Cleaning is your one-stop shop for all your upholstery cleaning services.


Dirt Accumulates and Tarnishes Over Time

Most people routinely vacuum furniture as part of their house cleaning process; however, over time, dirt, soil and stains will diminish the overall look and feel of your upholstered furniture. This is because the small particles of dirt will, over time, rub onto the delicate fibers thus causing them to slowly break down. This is why it’s important to have your home’s furniture cleaned annually by a professional. With our expertise, we remove the dirt you can and can’t see from your upholstery, extending the life and appearance of your furniture.

Cleaning Once Every One to Two Years is Ideal

It is recommended that you have professional furniture cleaning every one to two years.  This prevents the heavy soiling, discoloration and wear that can occur over time. Cleaning your furniture before and/or after an event in your home can also be beneficial.  Our furniture stain protection application can prevent soiling and staining from food and beverage spills. After the guests leave, let us clean any furniture or carpeting that may have been abused by your guests.

Commercial Furniture Requires Care More Often

Commercial furniture, like office chairs, should be cleaned more often than residential. After suffering constant abuse at the hands of countless strangers, it’s no secret that commercial furniture may become more dirtied and “tainted” overtime – not with us. We recommend having your office furniture cleaned professionally annually, or even biannually in heavy use situations. We can even clean off the most difficult stains like pen ink or red wine off of most office furniture, extending the life of the chairs and sofas at your place of business.

What Type of Materials Can be Cleaned?

The same method we use for carpet cleaning may also be used on most upholstery. Since we handle many antique and fine fabric pieces, some upholstery requires different dry cleaning methods which we also offer. There is no fabric that cannot be cleaned with the right knowledge and tools. Drugstore furniture cleaners are okay for emergency spot cleaning, but be careful on fabrics like Silk and Linen as they can be easily damaged, wrinkled or may even shrink.

Oriental Rug Cleaning has the expertise your upholstery craves for a long and vibrant life. Contact us today by calling (910)392-6112 for a free no-obligation estimate.