Many people don’t realize how dirty carpets can get from constant foot traffic and indoor air pollution.  Even in low traffic areas, carpets can become discolored by smoke, spills and foot traffic from people and pets.  Although it may look relatively clean, dirt and grime will get into the carpet and that’s not the only thing to worry about.  People and their pets can track in many different types of allergens.  Kitchen and bathroom odors, as well as, pet dander and pet odor can also affect carpets causing unpleasant smells and areas for harmful bacterial growth.  Regular vacuuming and cleaning can help alleviate these issues, but hiring an experienced Wilmington carpet cleaning expert is the only way to get the carpet truly clean and free of allergens.

When pets have accidents on the carpet, it puts stress and strain on the carpet fibers.  It can cause permanent damage and discoloration, if not treated quickly.  Most household cleaning products and methods will not be able to fully remove the stain.  In fact, it may be impossible to guarantee the total removal of a pet stain, especially if left untreated for an extended period of time.  Hiring our Wilmington carpet cleaning experts is your best bet for getting those stains removed and your carpet back to looking normal again.  We are IIRC certified and although 100% stain removal and damage repair cannot be promised, we have many methods for removing the odor and repairing the damage, leaving the carpet looking just like new.

Pets are not the only issue. People can track in many kinds of dirt, grime and bacteria.  Many times the dirt and grime isn’t noticeable when entering a residence or commercial building, but over time the build up can become very noticeable and, possibly, dangerous.  Trees, soil, pavement and outdoor air all carry various types of bacteria which can be transferred to the carpet without any residents even noticing.  Home vacuuming and spot treatment may seem effective, but a professional carpet cleaning should be done at least once per year.  Sometimes, professional carpet cleaning should be done on a more regular basis, depending on the amount of traffic each carpeted area receives.

Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning specialists are the premiere Wilmington carpet cleaning experts in town.  We also use special methods of cleaning to make sure we remove all of the harmful allergens and dust residing in carpets.  Our methods include wet vacuuming for wall-to-wall carpet, which works the best on most carpets, but we also have other options to choose from.  Our experienced Wilmington carpet cleaning services are available to both residential and commercially carpeted buildings  Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning has been in business for years and we will be able to identify the best solution based on the type of carpet requiring treatment.   Visit our carpet cleaning page to read more about our unique cleaning procedures and call or contact us by email when you need an experienced Wilmington carpet cleaning provider.

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